December 5, 2012
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"Chechenavto" enterprise conducts negotiations with AvtoVAZ about staff increase and production expansion
Chechen car manufacturers intend to produce from 50 to 80 thousand cars annually, now their output is 4-6 thousand units a year. This was discussed with the representative of AvtoVAZ who had been in Grozny. Earlier, the "Caucasian Uzel" ("Caucasian Knot") wrote that "Chechenavto" assembly enterprise producing VAZ cars, established four years ago on the basis of the former "Pishchemash" factory in Argun is working at the territory of republic. Up to the end of the last year the factory had been assembling VAZ-2107 model. Since January 2012 Y, "Chechenavto" has been assembling the most purchased car in the country VAZ - "Lada Priora". "Chechenavto" factory intends to expand significantly the production capacity and to increase the staff by 60 people. The factory wants also to abolish pre-payments for the components supplied by AvtoVAZ in order to have the turnover funds. These and other issues were discussed with the representative of AvtoVAZ Hugues Desmarchelier, who visited to Chechnya in November 26, and in general he agreed with these plans, "- the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Chechnya told the "Caucasian Uzel". According to him, with appropriate support of AvtoVAZ and capacity expansion the factory will be able to produce up to 50,000 "Lada" cars a year. 150 people are currently employed today in "Chechenavto". "The factory works in one or two shifts and produces about four thousand cars a year. However in case of the capacity expansion, hiring new workers and with the switch to three-shift regime it will be possible to assemble from 50 to 80 thousand cars annually," - the representative of the Ministry noted.
KamAZ announced the increase in production by 11% for 2012 Y
KamAZ produced 3728 units in November and totally nearly 47.5 thousand units of vehicle sets since the beginning of the year. This is by 11% more than at the same period in 2011 Y, the correspondent of “IA REGNUM” informs. Engine production also increased significantly: the main car assembly conveyer and external consumers of the engine factory and joint venture "Cummins Kama" received more than 4,000 engines and power units in November, and nearly 50.5 thousand units just for 11 months. This is by 8% more than in the last year as the press service of the company informs.
Cherepovetsk metallurgical enterprise wants to become a major supplier of the steel for the automotive industry
“Severstal” considers the automotive industry as a strategic direction of its work and intends to take a leading position in the supply of rolled steel products in the industry. The director of Marketing and Sales of “Severstal Russian Steel” division, Dmitry Gorshkov announced that the division is already the leader in the metal supply to foreign companies placed their production in Russia and in the CIS. Cherepovetsk metallurgical enterprise, which is a part of the division, has increased the supply of rolled steel products by more than 15% for the automotive industry enterprises located in the territory of Russia and the CIS for 10 months from the beginning of the year. Particularly, the increase was cost by the supply growth to the KAMAZ, Renault-Nissan alliance, Hyundai-Kia and to the GAZ Group. For 10 months, the deliveries to KAMAZ have increased by more than 4.7 times in comparison with the same period of the last year. The rolled-still products are used for production of KAMAZ trucks and for specialized machinery. The deliveries to the GAZ Group grew by 15%. It is a major customer of “Severstal” (the supply share of Cherepovetsk metallurgical enterprise is 72%), the rolled-still products are used for the production of medium and light commercial vehicles, buses (PAZ, LiAZ) and road construction machineries. “Severstal” supplies 88% of the metal for Renault-Nissan alliance enterprises in Russia. The supply of Cherepovetsk rolled-still products for Hyundai-Kia enterprises is to increase more than twice in 2012 Y.